Charmy Bee
Charmy is the "scatter-brained funny-kid" of the Chaotix
Series Sonic the Hedgehog
First Appearance Knuckles' Chaotix
Gender Male
Species Honey Bee
Height 70 cm
Weight 10 kg
Age 6
Fur Color Yellow and Black
Eye Color Orange-Amber
Attire Orange bomber jacket with a bee-shaped patch,white gloves and socks,black and red pilot's helmet,brown goggles and orange and white sneakers
Occupation Member of Chaotix Detective Team
Alignment Good

Charmy Bee (チャーミー・ビー, Chāmī Bī) is a young, childish bee,and a member of Chaotix Detective Team.He is curious,cheerful and would rather play than work.Despite his good-natured Charmy uses his stinging tail on rare occasions that he gets angry


Charmy Bee left his home to what bees do best,looking for new flowers and his searchand his search originally led him to Eggman'snewly-opened Carnival Island.Charmy got captured and trapped in a machine named the Combi-Confiner along Espio,Vector and Mighty,but later is saved by Knuckles (who was exploring the island).In thanks,Charmy helped Knuckles and the others to stopEggman and thwarts his plan to fuse the Chaos Rings (which are ancient rings infused with Chaos Emeralds enegry) with Metal Sonic .After defeating Eggman,Charmy had grown fond of his new teammates,Vector and Espio,and together they form the Chaotix Detective Agency.


Charmy is known to be hyperactive,mischievous,scatterbrained and also not too bright.Because he is a child,everything that he does is something that anyone would suspect out for little kid.However Charmy is also the most friendly and optimistic of all the Chaotix members and despite being young and not skilled like Vector or Espio ,he is nonetheless valuable to the team.Charmy ikes goofing around a lot and adores playing games.He also shows a deep respect,even admiration, from others like Shadow


Being a bee Charmy he can fly and hover about the air for as long as he wants.He flies quite fast,capable of making sudden boosts in his trajectory making him enable to move at very high speed,but not fast like Sonic or Shadow.Charmy can use his stinger as a method of attack and knows how to use its with speed and agility when gets angry.He posses acute hearing and is very skilled tracking down almost anything.Charmy can attack shooting bubbles of sticky honey to inmobilize his foes,create a powerfull buzz,and also summons a cloud of pollen to distract.One of his hobbies is playing a drum,but his actual playing questionable in quality and talent.


Character Data descriptionEdit

Character Picture Game Debut Description
Charmy Bee


Knuckles' Chaotix

Sega 32X (1995)

A bee and the youger member Chaotix detective team.Charmy is mischievous and scatter brained and being a child,he would rather play than work.He also tends to annoys his comrades,Vector and Espio,with his antics and childish behavior..Due his small size,Charmy can fly at high speed also has acute hearing and is good at finding lost objects.While most part of the time ,Charmy acts childish but when gets mad,he will use his stinger to attack.He with his comrades,Espio and Vector,has come to discover what is the Wily and Eggman plan and also help out Sonic and co. to defet the evil scientist duo.


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