Honey the Cat
Honey is a girl with a good taste in fashion
Series Sonic the Hedgehog
First Appearance Sonic the Fighters
Gender Female
Species Cat
Height 105cm
Weight 32kg
Age 15
Fur Color Yellow
Eye Color Navy blue
  • Red and black dress with white wings
  • Red/black boots
  • White gloves w/ blacks trimmings
  • Red headband
Occupation Adventurer and fashion designer
Alignment Good

Honey the Cat (ハニー・ザ・キャット Hanī za Kyatto) is a yellow black haired female cat who to have wings on her back that allows her to fly and glide.She is uknown to have a good sense of fshion and also is very skilled in combat.


Honey ready

Honey in the Fighter Tournament

Honey first appearnce was when Eggman has released the Death Egg II.Sonic and Tails try to stop him,but their new airship only supports 1 passenger,and they needed the power of the Chaos Emeralds.To decide who faces Eggman they take part in a hand-to-hand fighting tournament,with the winner taking all the Chaos Emeralds.Honey decide to enter the tournament with her improved combat skills, in an attempt to promote her original fashion line in defeating Eggman.She later arrives at the Death Egg II and manages to defeat Metal Sonic and later Eggman.After her victory she becomes a success in fashion and runs her own boutique,which some of her best costumers are Amy and Cream.


Honey is a sweet,cheerful girl with a pleasent nature similar to Amy but can be agressive and reckless.Her overconfident in her abilities sometimes put her in troubles which she is unable to escape without help fom an friend.In the end Honey is a very cheerful cat who likes to see the brighter side of life,she is content with what she dose,and happy with the friends she spend time with.Honey enjoys eating desserts like Strawberry cake and ice cream,also to keep an eye on latest fashions and in her free time makes outfits and she is always get excited with a new adventure.



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Character Picture Game Debut Description
Honey the Cat


Sonic the Fighters

Arcade (1996)



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