Roll is the first female Robot Master and Mega Man's "sister".
Series Mega Man
First Appearance Mega Man
Gender Female
Species Robot Master
Creator Dr. Light
Serial Number DLN-002
Height 128 cm
Weight 90 kg
Age 9 years (Physically)
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
  • Red dress with white collar,black sleeves with white cuff and black cufflinks
  • A pair ofred boots
  • A green hair ribbon.
Occupation House keeping robot and Dr. Light's assistant
Alignment Good

Roll (ロール, Rōru) is a female humanoid Robot Master created by Dr. Light and is the "sister" of Mega Man.She was created to do general housework such as cooking and cleaning,and also she assists Dr. Light with his work at the lab.



Roll with Rock and Dr. Light

In the year 200X Roll was created alongside her "brother" Rock by the brilliant scientist Dr. Light.While Rock was created as Dr. Light's lab assistant,she was was designed for housekeeping.But when Dr. Wily arrived at Dr. Light's laboratory,and reprogrammed industrial robots in a bid for world domination,Rock asked Dr. Light to change him into a battle robot, becoming Mega Man.After Mega Man destroys each of the Robot Masters and defeat Wily,Roll greet him at home alongside Dr. Light.


Roll is kind-hearted and have a peaceful personality.She enjoys cleaning, cooking and the like.Roll also is very friendly and is willing to help and supports hers friends.Her dream is to someday create a hospital where she could help many people.However,she is also said to be somewhat cowardly,but since meeting Amy Roll become more brave and confident.


Roll Buster

Roll with her weapon,the Roll Buster

Being designed for house keeping Roll is very good in general housework such as cooking and cleaning,though when not doing such chores she assists Dr. Light with his work.But later Dr. Light gave her the Roll Buster, a handheld cannon similar to Mega Man's Mega Buster and can pulls out a bomb disguised as a bouquet of flowers that explode in contact.She also attack using a broomstick like a pole weapon



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Character Picture Game Debut Description


Mega Man

Nes (1987)

A kind-hearted house keeping robot created by Dr.Light and Mega Man "sister".Being a robot created for household tasks,Roll greatly enjoys cleaning, cooking and the like.She initially don't have any combat skills,then later Dr.Light upgrade Roll,giving her the Roll Buster ability,but still remaining her personality.Roll generally is kind,joyfully and care about her friends,and she will do anything to help them.Also she worries about Mega Man during his battle against Dr.Wily's evil robots.When Roll is introduced to Sonic's gang,she quickly becomes good friends with Amy,Cream,Cheese and later Big.Likes Amy,she played the role of Damsel in distress sometime ago,and now wants to show that she can teach one thing or two to the bad guys.


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