Rouge the Bat
Rouge is treasure hunter who is determined to get all gems of the world,especially the Chaos Emeralds.
Series Sonic the Hedgehog
First Appearance Sonic Adventures 2
Gender Female
Species Bat
Height 105 cm
Weight 37 kg
Age 18
Fur Color White
Eye Color Aqua
  • Black Suit with pink heart-shaped breast plate
  • Long whites gloves with pink cuffs
  • High-heel boots with pink hearts on the toes.
Occupation Government spy and treasure huntress(more like a jewel thief)
Alignment Neutral

Rouge the Bat (ルージュ・ザ・バット, Rūju za Batto) is a white female bat who is both a part-time government agent and treasures hunter.She plans to make all the gems and treasures of the world hers and call herself the "World's Greatest Thief".Rouge also seems to have a has a secret crush on Knuckles,but she never admit it.


Rouge jewel

Rouge is a secrent agent who loves jewels

Rouge is a famous treasure huntress who is well known for her obsession with jewels.She later is hired by the government to investigate strange matters,one of which was the disapearance of the military's cancelled project:Shadow.She was ordered to find Dr.Eggman,and follow him aboard the Space Colony ARK.Rouge acts a double agent,allying herself with Dr.Eggman and Shadow with the promise that she'd get them the Chaos Emeralds they needed to power the Eclipse Cannon with her famed treasure hunting skills while Rouge was secretly gathering information from the Space Colony ARK on Project:Shadow.However she was caught red-handed in her double agent routine by Shadow,who managed to catch Rouge gathering data of Project:Shadow on disc,yet Rouge wasn't so phased.After all,she completed her mission.But later Eggman,while attempting to activate the Eclipse Cannon,unknowingly activated a crash sequence that was secretly programmed into the ARK's main computer,Rouge tells Sonic and Knuckles,who were able to arrive in the ARK,the grave news after learning what was going to happen from the President.Rouge cheers Sonic and Shadow on during the final battle to save the earth from colliding with ARK,and is given Shadow's ring by Sonic after his supposed death.But later is revealed that Eggman sent one of his robots to save Shadow.


Rouge is a fearless,flirty,strong-minded young woman who overflows with feminine charm and also an,greedy,calculating narcissist who most peoplesee as only caring for herself and her gems.Her carefree and playful attitude is fun for some and annoying to others.Rouge has been known to seduce people with her attractiveness to get what she wants.However,she has shown that she can be heroic and a touch ethical,even if it meant sacrificing something she really wanted to get her hands on especially helping Shadow and Omega achieve their objectives.



Rouge attacks with her special technique the Screw Kick

Rouge is a skilled treasure hunter,and posses similar skills to those of her rival Knuckles.Rouge's power is in her shapely legs and feet,as seen in her special attack called Screw Kick,in which she perform a spinning tornado kick that enables her to shatter boulders or slice metal in half,or even dent walls of thick steel.Rouge can fly and glide with her wings,and her flying speed is able keep up with characters like Sonic,Shadow,and Knuckles.She also attack with a super sonic scream and can conjure a black energy wave know as "Black Wave"which confuses opponents.She uses bombs known as Bat Cracker that follow their target and explode on impact and can throws piercing counterfeit gems at her enemies.Rouge is depicted as also have heightened hearing,though she could hear things from far away,in one instance she proved very vulnerable to loud noises.


Character Data entryEdit

Character Picture Game Debut Description
Rouge the Bat


Sonic Adventures 2

Sega Dreamcast/Game Cube (2001)

A bat who is a treaure hunter and part-time secret agent,who plans to make all the gems and treasures of the world hers.Rouge's main jewel obsessions are the Master Emerald and Chaos Emeralds.She is strong-minded,ambitious and confident young woman that can be scheming and manipulative.Even she is known to seduces people with her sex appeal,to get what she wants.However,Rouge shows that she can be heroic and someone who can help when needed.She has incredibles combat skills,similar to Knuckles,and is also skilled at the art of stealth.Sometimes she shows to have feelings forKnuckles,but actually this is unclear.Rouge is a great friend and ally of Shadow,and when he go with Bass to defeat Wily and Eggman,she will be there to lend a hand.


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