Tango can curl into a spiked ball to attack
Series Mega Man
First Appearance Mega Man V
Gender Male
Species Robot
Creator Dr. Light
Height 50cm
Weight 20 kg
Color Scheme Green,Yellow and Light Blue
Eye Color Red
Occupation Mega Man's supporting feline pet
Alignment Good

Tango (タンゴ, Tango) is a robotic cat created by Dr. Light who originally he was just meant to be a household pet,but was converted into a support robot to assist Mega Man in battle.Tango main ability is turning into a spiny saw blade to attack enemies.





Character Data entryEdit

Character Picture Game Debut Description


Mega Man V

Game Boy (1994)

Mega Man's feline pet created by Dr. Light.Originally he was just meant to be a household pet,but when Dr Wily created the Stardroids,Dr Light converted him into a battle robot to support Mega Man.With a nearly invulnerable body,Tango will roll up into a spiny saw blade and spin into enemies.He usually has a harmonious disposition an can also be moody and sometimes have a grudge with Rush.Tango likes a type of japanese food condiments knows as "katsuobushi".


Memorable QuotesEdit


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